Is Nepal a safe travel and holiday destination?
How do I reserve and book a room?
Can I change a reservation online?
Can I cancel a reservation online?
How can I contact Hotel-VAJRA?
When I submit my reservations, where does my request go?
What is the cancellation policy on my reservation?
Once I have made my reservation, will I receive any written confirmation?
I called the hotel and there seems to be no record of my reservation. How's that?
I am unable to retrieve a reservation I made with the hotel directly on hotelvajra.com.
How many guests do you allow per room?
How do I reserve more than one room?
When do I need to pay for my room?
I do not want to wait for a confirmation. What can I do?
Does VAJRA Hotel offer an on-site Business Center to assist guests with personal and business needs?
Does your hotel offer a workout facility?
Can I receive a rate and availability quote, or make a change to an existing reservation via e-mail?
What types of amenities are included in your rooms?

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