Meet the Vajra

Hotel Vajra welcomes you to use and enjoy its unique East meets West facilities.

The style and structure of Hotel Vajra embody beauty and warmth. Hotel Vajra is built in the typical Nepali Pagoda style with the use of locally available materials, which help to create this attractive warmness. Vajra is jeweled inside and out with wood and terracotta carvings, stone and marble tile, hanging brick gardens and traditional Tibetan ceiling-paintings.

Vajra is one of Kathmandu’s most interesting places to stay because it synergizes the reflection of ancient arts of Nepal with modern earthquake proof techniques. Vajra’s guests can enjoy an art gallery, a classical dance studio with weekly performances , an East-West library, an ayurvedic massage room, several roof tops, the Pagoda Bar, the Pagoda Hall for meditation or yoga, the Naga Theater with yearly drama performances by Studio 7 and a cluster of flower trailed gardens where you can connect into our wireless internet.

The Rooftop gardens of the Hotel give a magnificent morning and sunset panorama looking directly on the Pagodas of Durbar Square (center of the medieval Kathmandu) and up to the 2000 year old Swayambhunath Stupa.

On a clear day you can see up to the snow peaks of the Himalayas. Dev the bartender of the Rooftop’s Pagoda Bar prepares your favorite drink for you.

overview1bigHotel Vajra’s New Wing

The pagoda styled roof, the brick and the carved wooden windows are the characteristics of Hotel Vajra’s architectural style. All rooms are facing the quiet flower trailed gardens.



The Old Wing

The entrance to the Old Wing is adorned with windows and doors carved by Utam Raj of Patan, who descends directly from the carvers of the Kathmandu Durbars.



Situated on the foothills of the Swayambhunath Stupa

The Vajra is on the age old pilgrim road to Swayambhu and near the Bijeswori Temple complex, two of the power places of the Kathmandu Valley. The Vajra is surrounded by trees and flower trail gardens, creating a place of serenity and beauty.



The Rooftop gardens and Pagoda Bar of the Hotel

The rooftops will give you a magnificent morning and sunset panorama. A 360 degree view allows you to look over the whole Kathmandu Valley with its Pagodas of Durbar Square (center of the medieval Kathmandu) to the Swayambhunath Stupa and up to the snow peaks of the Himalayas.


Ceiling fresco of the Great Pagoda Hall

These frescos were painted by Rinchen Norbu the Tibetan Master and his associates; their work makes this hall one of the most beautiful spaces in Asia.


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